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Why Artliss® Lip Butter Is Better Than Chapstick

We hear from customers all the time that they are concerned with making sure their body products are as natural as they can be....but we are asked an astonishingly low number of questions about the importance of using natural lip balm. This is odd to us because it is probably the one body product that can be the most easily ingested. We would think people would be most cautious about using lip balms that are not all natural considering how many times a day most people apply their lip balm. Additionally, our lips are one of our most sensitive parts of our body as the skin on them is so thin and very susceptible to being harmed by the environment Think about...

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Protect Your Skin By Using Moisturizers With The Right Ingredients

It’s summertime which means you are probably spending a lot more time out in the sun. At Artliss, we believe that some sun exposure is good - bring on the vitamin D! - and our choice is to wear a hat, lightweight clothing and taking advantage of shade or using an umbrella to block harmful rays. We suggest saving the heavy duty sunscreens for extended time in the sun. You may agree with us on this and don't like to apply sunscreen every time you step out of your front door....but you would feel more comfortable knowing that your daily skin care routine naturally provided some sun protection for your skin and lips. That’s where we at Artliss® come in. While we...

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