Why Artliss® Lip Butter Is Better Than Chapstick

We hear from customers all the time that they are concerned with making sure their body products are as natural as they can be....but we are asked an astonishingly low number of questions about the importance of using natural lip balm. This is odd to us because it is probably the one body product that can be the most easily ingested. We would think people would be most cautious about using lip balms that are not all natural considering how many times a day most people apply their lip balm. Additionally, our lips are one of our most sensitive parts of our body as the skin on them is so thin and very susceptible to being harmed by the environment Think about how chapped our lips can become on a windy day or the blisters that can develop from spending too much time in the sun. This is why it is so important to use an all natural lip balm that you know you can trust.

The Importance of All Natural Ingredients

Since the skin on our lips is extremely thin, we need to make sure that it is being moisturized with ingredients that will help and not make things worse. This includes ingredients like shea, mango and shorea butters and many luxurious oils that help to keep your lips soft and moisturized. When you use handmade lip balms that contain these sorts of ingredients, you can be sure that you are doing all you can to nourish your lips and protect them as naturally as you can from the environment.

What Can Artliss® Offer Your Lips?

At Artliss, we have transformed lip balm into something better. Our lip butters are some of our best-selling products because they offer everything and more that a person may need or want in a lip balm. Not only are all of our lip butters made with all natural ingredients but they are also available in a number of different "flavors" such as Coconut Aloe, Cranberry Honey, Orange-Chamomile, Peppermint Tingle, Sweet Lavender and more. Our Chapped Lip Balm is our best seller because it really does help chapped lips! It is made with calendula-infused extra virgin olive oil which not only has anti-oxidative properties but also contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties as well. Made without artificial or synthetic ingredients and made with luxurious oils that have natural sun protective properties, you can be sure that your lips are as nourished and as well taken care of as they can be!

Start shopping our collection of lip butters today and find the perfect one for you. Artliss also makes moisturizing tinted lips balms in case you want to protect your lips naturally while also sporting a little color on them. Stop spending money on lip balms that are potentially doing more harm than good and try out Artliss lip care products today!