I discovered your products this weekend at the Forest Farmer's Market and I LOVE them! I purchased a sample of the deodorant, the bug spray and a lip tint. Yesterday, I put all 3 to the test! My husband and I went for an 8 mile hike and I wore the deodorant, and it was amazing! I was concerned about a possibility of odor but there was none! The bug spray was also amazing! We had to reapply several times due to perspiration but it was worth it. We could always tell when it was time to reapply because the bugs came back. I loved the fact that it kept them away and did it all without the sting of store bought, chemical laden bug sprays! Also, don't know if it's supposed to work against ticks, but the only place my husband got a tick was on his heel where he couldn't spray the repellent! The lip tint kept my lips moist the whole hike:) I love this too since I don't wear a lot of make up but do like a little color!


The Calendula Shea Body Butter is like gold to our family. Our 2 year old grandson has eczema and this is the only thing that gives him relief. He cried when other products advertised for his discomfort were applied. We found Darlene at our local Farmer's Market ... and our lives changed. The pain and itch are no more since finding our jar of gold. As a preschool teacher I am able to share my find with other families that have the same challenge of finding a product that really works and is safe and healthy for their child. Thank you Darlene for your pure goodness products.


Your luffa soap, Darlene, is truly unbelievable! I have tried other luffa bars and yours is absolutely the best! Thank you so much for making such wonderful products!


My son has very sensitive skin. He is 2 years old and has had moderate to severe seasonal eczema since he was a few months old. The eczema flares up each April and clears up in September. My son's skin used to get so irritated and itchy. As a concerned mom, I tried using every over-the-counter cream available. Unfortunately, sometimes I had to resort to cortisone cream to tame his flares. When he was just over a year old, we started using the Calendula Shea Body Butter on his eczema areas. Within a day, his skin cleared and he was so much more comfortable! Even before he could talk, he would walk into his bedroom and bring me his tub of cream to put on his irritated areas. He would point to his elbows and knees, where he wanted me to apply It. He loves It. My son helps me put It on each morning when he wakes up.
We also put some in the bathtub each night and on his body at bedtime. We have not had to use any other cream, including cortisone (!), since we discovered the Calendula Shea Butter. As a mom who loves natural products, I feel good about calming my son's eczema without having to rely on steroid creams. I am hoping that my son will outgrow the eczema, but in the meantime, we will continue to use the Calendula Shea Butter indefinitely! Thanks for making this cream! We do go through It like crazy but it's soooo worth It! I love not having to use cortisone!!!


Last August a friend introduced me to Darlene’s “all natural” soaps. When I first began using her soaps I didn't realize what a difference cleansing products could make to your skin. I had always used a good quality cleansing body bar in the shower and a nightly facial cleanser and night cream. After using Darlene’s soaps and body butters for two weeks I could feel a definite difference in my skin. Her all natural soaps do not leave a “residue” on my skin, It actually feels “squeaky clean” as you shower. All of Darlene’s soaps are great but I do have some favorites.
Her Lavender Goat's Milk is a gently cleansing soap and I use that as my nightly facial soap and follow It up with the Nourishing Face Butter. My complexion looks and feels great. Darlene’s soap scents are incredible too! There is nothing better than lathering up with a scent that will perk up your senses or relax you. My personal favorites are the Avocado Cucumber, Sweet Orange Vanilla, which smells good enough to eat, and Eucalyptus Mint, which is a great pick me up! I highly recommend using Darlene’s all natural soaps and butters. Her products are not only healthy for your skin they make your skin look healthy.


I have been using Darlene's Milk & Honey soap for a bit, and figured It was time I give my input. I love It! The exfoliating agent (ground oatmeal) doesn't get "soggy" like oatmeal does in other handmade soaps. It is great! It's a durable soap that doesn't come apart at the seams (again, which other handmade soaps with separate layers will do quickly.) The scent is just above subtle, but not nearly overpowering. It stays with you all day long, and even has a hint of cedar (or is It pine?) while in use! The bar lathers beautifully and actually warms up almost immediately in the shower (as opposed to staying sort of cool to the touch like mass-produced, store-bought brands.) The size of the bar, too, is easy to handle. So many fancy, handmade soaps out there are too big and need to be cut in half, at the very least. Maybe my hands are big; I don't know, but It hasn't been unwieldy at all! Do I have anything bad to say about this soap? Nope. That is, not unless you count how little you make for such a superior product!