Why Choose Unscented Natural Soap!

When we get feedback from people who love and use our products, we always hear similar stories...they used to buy large commercial brand soaps/body washes until one day they began to experience extremely dry, irritated skin. For many people, the adverse reactions didn't stop there - they found that they would also experience migraine-like symptoms because of the very strong and cheap fragrance oils that were used in these products. Our bodies change as we age, so what we loved and tolerated in our youth may not work for us today! Luckily, we have products at Artliss that are natural and unscented.

The Problem With Commercial Soaps

We touched on this briefly in a previous blog titled "Can Your Skin Tell The Difference When You Use Natural Soap?" so you may already know that the companies that make commercially produced soaps use a very different process than the "small batch" process we use to make our natural soaps. For them, it's all about shelf life, so their soaps are basically detergents with a great marketing team behind them! These companies want you to believe that their products are good for your skin by listing all the natural and "premium" ingredients they contain, but they fail to mention that these products are full of preservatives and dyes and that those "premium" ingredients have been processed beyond recognition!


Benefits of Natural Handmade Unscented Soap

Glycerin is a naturally occurring by-product of the handmade soap making process, and one of the main benefits of using natural handmade soaps is that this glycerin has not been removed. It is a wonderful humectant and its presence in a soap allows for your skin to hydrate naturally. Artliss soaps are very high in glycerin content and no chemicals have been added that can irritate your skin...this makes our soaps a better option all around! Our Calendula Goat’s Milk soap contains only the very best of ingredients such as calendula-infused extra virgin olive oil and goat’s milk, and no scent has been added! Perfect for babies, people with fragrance allergies, and those of you who have sensitive or easily irritated skin.

Shop Our Unscented Collection at Artliss

Our Calendula Goat’s Milk soap is not the only unscented product we offer at Artliss. We also offer our amazing, unscented Calendula Shea Body Butter as well as our unscented Chapped Lip ButterRegardless of which you decide is your favorite, we cannot wait for you to experience the benefits of these incredible products!