Calendula Shea Body Butter


Brand: Artliss
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Product Description

• Provides intense moisture for both face and body
• Calendula contains anti-inflammatory properties
• Gentle enough to be used on babies

Made with calendula herbal oil which has natural anti-inflammatory properties, the Calendula Shea Body Butter from Artliss® may help calm irritated skin and gently moisturize dry, damaged skin. Many customers claim that this body butter helps control the inflammation and itching caused by eczema - please see the Testimonials Page. This body butter has a natural, very light scent from the calendula flower and shea butter and has no added essential oils or fragrance oils. So if you have sensitivities to scents, this body butter is as pure as you can get!

PLEASE NOTE: All of our body butters are purposely made thick to  lessen the chance of them melting in the jar when outside during our summer markets or while being shipped to warmer states. Ambient temperature will determine exactly how hard/soft the butters will be and they will melt almost immediately on skin contact. Scoop out a small amount, melt on fingertips, then smooth into skin.

Made with Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Calendula Herbal Oil and Vitamin E.
*No added essential oils or fragrance oils.


Kellie N. South Yarmouth MA The Calendula Shea Body Butter is like gold to our family! Our 2 year old grandson has eczema and this is the only thing that gives him relief. He cried when other products advertised for his discomfort were applied. We found Darlene at our local Farmer's Market ... and our lives changed. The pain and itch are no more since finding our jar of gold. As a preschool teacher I am able to share my find with other families that have the same challenge of finding a product that really works and is safe and healthy for their child. Thank you Darlene for your pure goodness products!

Marnie T. Yarmouth MA My son has very sensitive skin. He is 2 years old and has had moderate to severe seasonal eczema since he was a few months old. The eczema flares up each April and clears up in September. My son's skin used to get so irritated and itchy. As a concerned mom, I tried using every over-the-counter cream available. Unfortunately, sometimes I had to resort to cortisone cream to tame his flares. When he was just over a year old, we started using the Calendula Shea Body Butter on his eczema areas. Within a day, his skin cleared and he was so much more comfortable! Even before he could talk, he would walk into his bedroom and bring me his tub of cream to put on his irritated areas. He would point to his elbows and knees, where he wanted me to apply It. He loves It. My son helps me put It on each morning when he wakes up. We also put some in the bath tub each night and on his body at bedtime. We have not had to use any other cream, including cortisone (!), since we discovered the Calendula Shea Butter. As a mom who loves natural products, I feel good about calming my son's eczema without having to rely on steroid creams. I am hoping that my son will outgrow the eczema, but in the meantime, we will continue to use the Calendula Shea Butter indefinitely! Thanks for making this cream! We do go through It like crazy but it's soooo worth It! I love not having to use cortisone!!!

Kate F., Forest, VA - Calendula Shea saved my hands and dry feet. I love it!

Steph L., Cape Cod, MA - All of your products have saved my skin for years, even in guinea pig stage. Still absolutely love it!

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