Why Lavender Goat’s Milk Soap is Our Best Seller


Finding a soap bar that is all natural and full of skin-loving goodness, while also delighting your sense of smell and leaving your skin feeling naturally clean is not easy! At least that's what we at Artliss found to be true before we created our own all natural Lavender Goat’s Milk Bar Soap. We get wonderful feedback from our customers all the time about our products, and more often than not they are also praising this fantastic soap! In this post, we touch on the three main reasons why our customers love using this product...they also happen to be why we love our best-selling soap bar too!

Reason 1: The Scent
There is nothing better than a soap bar that smells so good that it has found a permanent home under your nose! From the moment you unwrap our Lavender Goat’s Milk Bar Soap, you are surrounded (but not overwhelmed) by the rich scent of Hungarian Lavender, a premium lavender that has a deep, sweet, yet very fresh scent. Not at all camphorous like the spike lavenders. Combined with the natural scent of the soap itself, this bar leaves your skin smelling clean with a hint of soft lavender.

Reason 2: The Texture

Chances are you have used soaps, even natural soaps, that have left your skin feeling dry and rubbery. We know we have...that's one of the reasons why we began making our own soap. Our Lavender Goat's Milk soap, unlike many other natural bar soaps made by other companies, has a thick and luxurious lather, coating your skin in a layer of creamy bubbles. It gently cleanses your skin, so it is even safe for use on facial and baby skin.        Please note that we recommend applying a natural, nourishing moisturizer after washing with even the most gentle soap (to re-balance the Ph of your skin). If you like lavender, we recommend our all natural Lavender Dreams Body Butter.

Reason 3: The Way It Makes Your Skin Look and Feel

When you've found the right natural body soap for you, it is immediately apparent. You can tell by the way your skin feels and looks after each use. A soap that gently cleanses without stripping your skin of its natural oils is the one to look for. Our Lavender Goat’s Milk Bar Soap is gentle enough to thoroughly clean your skin while leaving it soft and supple, not dry and rubbery. Additionally, you’re likely to notice that the goat's milk in this soap has helped your complexion, leaving it smooth and glowing - click here to read our prior blog about the many benefits of Goat's Milk!

Ready To Try Our Amazing Products?

At Artliss Natural Soap & Body Care, we care about the health of your skin as much as we do ours. If you are ready to start treating your body with skin products that will do it good and not harm, we have done the work for you. For a limited time, we are offering 2 full sized bars for the price of one using the coupon code LAVENDER. Check out the rest of our collection online - if you're not sure which of our products would be best for you, just ask us. We'd be very happy to help!