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How Are Essential Oils Derived?

  When shopping for natural products that contain essential oils, you may have wondered from time to time how essential oils are derived and why prices can vary so much. There are a few different methods to extract essential oils, and which method is used can have an impact. Prices of different essential oils, and sometimes the price for the same essential oil sold by different companies, can vary greatly. As a maker of body care products that contain many different essential oils, we thought we would give our customers some in-depth information about how essential oils are produced. Essential Oils and Their Pricing If you have ever shopped for essential oils yourself, you may have noticed that the price for one essential...

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Naturally Repel Bugs With The Help Of Artliss

Spending time outside is by far the very best thing about summer. However, if you have ever been outside during the warm months for even a little bit of time, you know how incessantly you can be bothered by the bugs that come with the warm weather as well. If you head to your local pharmacy or convenience store, you are likely to find an aisle full of intense DEET-based sprays. These are products like Off! and others that claim to keep pesky bugs like mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers and more away from you. While they might get the job done, there are other concerns you should have when using products like these. In this blog post, we will discuss not...

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