Jasmine Rose Body Butter


Brand: Artliss
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Product Description

• Romantic jasmine-rose scent with a hint of key lime
• Non-greasy formula provides lasting moisture
• Leaves skin feeling soft and silky

The Jasmine Rose Body Butter by Artliss® has a wonderfully fresh, floral scent without being too floral - a perfect combination of jasmine and rose with just a touch of key lime and sandalwood. This handmade body butter is made with luxurious ingredients and formulated perfectly to moisturize your skin without leaving that greasy after-feel that many other body butters will.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our body butters are purposely made thick to lessen the chance of them melting in the jar when outside during our summer markets or while being shipped to warmer states. Ambient temperature will determine exactly how hard/soft the butters will be and they will melt almost immediately on skin contact. Scoop out a small amount, melt on fingertips, then smooth into skin.

Made with Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vitamin E and Tapioca Starch.
Essential Oils: Ylang Ylang and Key Lime.
Fragrance Oils: Phthalate-Free