Patchouli Essential Oil - Not Just For Hippies

Patchouli essential  oil is derived from a plant that is native to India and tropical regions of Asia and is related to lavender, mint and sage. It thrives at higher elevations and warm climates. This oil was used so heavily in the 60s and early 70s that it developed a stigma based on this "hippie" association. Today, however, patchouli is making a comeback as people have realized what a wonderful scent it has when used in moderation. In fact, it does have a very strong, earthy, musty scent when used alone, and people tend to either love it or hate it. When used correctly in a blend, it acts as a fixative and is the base note that adds depth to a scent blend. Used in our Lavender Dreams Body Butter, patchouli oil adds that special something to the scent blend that enhances and grounds the other more flighty essential oils.

Not only does it exude a pleasant aroma, but the benefits of patchouli are many and have been utilized for hundreds of years. In skin care, one such benefit is that it alleviates dry skin that is prone to acne problems and rejuvenates skin cells with its anti-aging properties. Because of its anti fungal and antiseptic properties,  it may help such skin problems as eczema and athlete's foot. Another benefit is that it is believed to lessen the look of scars and helps to alleviate inflammation from an injury. There are many patchouli oil uses beyond the skin, are a few more reasons we love it.

  • A few drops applied to a clean cloth can protect your clothing and blankets from moths and your sheets from bed bugs.
  • Utilizing the oil in your diet aids in supporting your immune system and can help fight a fever in a pinch.
  • It can lift spirits by enhancing mood, fighting depression, and may even act as an aphrodisiac!
  • Have problems with dandruff? Patchouli essential oil has natural properties to fight the white flakes.
  • Due to its inherent deodorizing properties, it can be used as a natural deodorant. Avoid the aluminum found in antiperspirants and go natural! .


Did you know the patchouli scent can suppress appetite and relieve headaches. Add a few drops to a cotton ball, store in a Ziploc baggie, and store in your purse as a quick fix!