Lavender Essential Oil: Royalty in the Essential Oil World

Lavender essential oil enjoys royalty status in the essential oil world for good reason. If you could only have one essential oil this would be the one to keep in your medicine cabinet. Lavender oil has a natural antiseptic property that is effective on bug bites and takes the pain out of minor burns. Try keeping some in your fridge for minor kitchen burns. The quick cool of chilled oil gives immediate relief and it will go right to work on repairing damaged tissue.

The anti-inflammatory property of lavender essential oil helps to ease sprains and joint pains. It can do double duty in your bath to not only calm you down naturally for better sleep but it also brings relief to sore, tired muscles. That is music to both our minds and bodies! It not only benefits us humans, but it is one of the few essential oils considered safe for use on both cats and dogs. If your furry friend shows nervousness or anxious behaviors, they may benefit from an aromatherapy treatment using this versatile oil.

This lilac beauty of a plant is well known to be relaxing and medicinally useful, but arguably the most important of the lavender essential oil benefits is its effectiveness in skin care. It naturally enhances the health and beauty of all skin types. You don’t need expensive chemical-laden creams that often have a negative effect on the skin, because lavender essential oil is a safe and effective alternative. It has the ability to increase blood flow to your skin tissues. More blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients feeding your skin, which results in your skin's renewed ability to fight blemishes. Those skin cells get happy and in turn give you a radiant natural glow. This precious oil is a powerful antioxidant and that means free radicals don’t stand a chance! To maximize the benefits of this powerhouse oil, be sure to invest in a pure, therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil.

ARTLISS TIP: Our favorite variety is the fresh and sweet smelling Hungarian Lavender (Lavandula augustifolium L). It is similar to the Provence Lavender but less camphorous and bold. It is featured in our best-selling body butter Lavender Dreams.