Artliss Luffa Soap: Your New Favorite Way To Shower

If you are someone who enjoys spoiling themselves in the shower or the tub, there are plenty of options for you when you are shopping Artliss Natural Soap & Body Care. You may find that you are a bit overwhelmed trying to decide which of our incredible natural bath products may be right for you. That’s okay! We’re here to answer any of your questions, and we can share with you what our other customers are loving and how they are changing the way they bathe. One unique product that has quickly become a favorite is our wonderful luffa soap.

Love using a luffa?

A natural luffa is the inner "skeleton" of a gourd after it is cleaned of all vegetable matter and allowed to dry. Using a luffa is an important part of many people’s shower routines. Luffas are great because they allow you to use your favorite soap while also gently exfoliating your skin. Exfoliating with a luffa a few times a week sloughs off dead skin cells without damaging your delicate skin - allowing your skin to look and feel great!


Obsessed with our natural soap?

Another way to ensure that your skin is cleansed thoroughly but gently is to use handmade natural soaps. At Artliss, we make soaps that are very gentle and moisturizing without any undesirable chemicals or preservatives.

It’s time to combine your favorite bath products

Since we adore both luffas and natural soap as much as you do, we decided that the next logical step was to combine the two - yes, we are talking about our ever-popular luffa soap. Made with a number of quality essential oils including rosemary, clove bud and cardamom, this luffa/soap combination has a clean, spicy herbal scent that your skin and your nose are sure to love. Having a slice of luffa encased in the natural soap means you are sure to get the very best lather and exfoliation every single time you use it!

Our luffa soap is also great for use in the kitchen or workshop by the cooks, gardeners and mechanics in the family because the luffa is the best thing to gently scrub clean all the little crevices of the fingers and hands. You may be using a luffa and soap combination already, but we are confident that once you try Artliss' 2-in-1 luffa soap you will fall in love with the quality and convenience!

Why is Artliss different?

At Artliss Natural Soap & Body Care, we pride ourselves on offering bath and body products that not only feel and smell great, but that are also healthy for your body. We make everything by hand in small batches, using our own recipes developed through many years of research and fine-tuned through trial and error.