Bay Rum Roll-On Cologne


Brand: Artliss

Product Description

• Spicy, musky, citrusy scent - popular with both men and women
• Convenient glass roll-on container
• Scent is a pure essential oil blend

The Bay Rum Roll-On Cologne from Artliss® is a very popular scent for men, but women love it too! It is our version of the old fashioned bay rum scent. This blend can be either spicy, musky, citrusy or a combination of the three - your body chemistry will make this scent unique to you!

Apply to pulse points.

.3 oz, pure jojoba oil base.
Essential Oils: Bay Leaf, Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, Hungarian Lavender, Clove Bud, Anise, Lime and Bergamot (bergaptene-free).